About KCS

Kogarah Community Services is a vibrant and diverse community organisation delivering services for the purpose of relieving the poverty, distress and disadvantage experienced by people in our community.

A History of



KCS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation.  Originally established in the St George area, we now operate across Sydney.  We work in partnership with the local community, enriching and strengthening the community by:

  • Supporting people across all life stages with a range of services for children, youth, families, older people, and people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.
  • Creating meaningful community engagement through activities, events and volunteering.
  • Working alongside the community to advocate for positive change.



KCS believes in:

Acting with integrity– In all our actions and decisions we will be open, honest and fair.

Making a difference – Our top priority is to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of vulnerable people and those in need.

Valuing everyone – We value and celebrate cultural differences.  Everyone matters and everyone has something positive to contribute.

Working together – The best outcomes are achieved when people work together.

 Inspiring each other – We are energised by bold ideas.  We aim to inspire others to reach their potential and grow in confidence.



The Board of Management is made up of interested people from the local community, who are committed to the provision of sustainable services to the local community. These include seven directors who oversee the strategic side of Kogarah Community Services with a focus on governance, long term goals and accountability. The Executive Officer manages the day to day practical operations.

Leon Mazarakis

Position: Chairperson
Occupation: Solicitor
Skills: Governance, Risk Management, Legal, Resource Allocation, Performance Management
Strategic priority: Finance

Interesting fact: I’m an avid car enthusiast.

Joe Notarangelo

Position: Treasurer
Occupation: Financial Operations
Skills: Business Control, Process Improvement, Business Analysis And Planning, Financial Assurance
Strategic priority: Community Development
Interesting fact: When I was young I enjoyed pulling things apart; now I spend my time fixing things!

Daniel Sayegh

Position: General Member
Occupation: Operations Manager
Skills: Strategic Planning, Leadership, Operations, Management, Finance, Performance, Governance, Risk Management
Strategic priority: Community Development
Interesting fact: I grew up playing the drums in a band – something which I am now rediscovering along with other instruments.

Rebecca Mitrevski

Position: General Member
Occupation: Digital Product Owner
Skills: Business strategy and growth, Digital Product Development, Social Enterprise and Business planning and scheduling
Strategic priority: Strategy and Digital Development
Interesting fact: I’m a bikram yoga fanatic.

Archimedes Salinas

Position: General Member
Occupation: Manager, Program & Systems, System Performance Support (NSW) MoH
Skills: Project Management, Health Service Management, Policy Development, Use Of Technology, Building Strategic Partnerships, Analytical Thinking
Strategic priority: Aged Care Services
Interesting fact: I drive out to different locations just to ride the trails and mountain bike!

Contact Us

Admin Office / Community Hub

Call Us: 9553 6506
Email Us: admin@kogarahcommunity.org.au
Address: 49 English St, Kogarah

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Neighbourhood Centre

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Children's Services

Call Admin: 9553 6506
Call OSHC Service: 0419 019 032
Email Us: childcare@kogarahcommunity.org.au
Where: Mackenzie Hall, Carlton South Public School
(access via Ecole St Carlton)

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Aged Care

Call Us: 9553 6506
Email Us: agedcare@kogarahcommunity.org.au

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Community Engagement

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